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Disaster Recovery, the Need for Small Businesses

For most small businesses today, disasters come in all dimensions. They include:

  • Hurricanes;
  • Fires;
  • Floods;
  • Technology disasters;
  • System failures;
  • Cyber-attacks;
  • Terrorism;
  • Acts of violence.

Any smart businessman knows this is true as they understand that you cannot afford to lose all your data. Data loss is costly especially to small businesses. This is why it is vital for a backup and disaster recovery solution or plan. It is the reason why ransomware protection is so crucial.

Disaster plan

A good disaster plan is a combination of data backup as well as disaster recovery plan designed to work together to safeguard any loss of data and little or no downtime. Both are essential especially to a small business. A disaster plan will keep you as safe as possible when any problem strikes. These disasters will occur; they will impact your business, and that is why you need a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy.

IT recovery

All business, especially small businesses should create an IT disaster recovery plan. This can begin by compiling the inventory of all hardware, software application and data. And the first item in the plan should include a strategy to ensure that all crucial information is backed up each day and for added protection this backup should be to a cloud computing location.

Components of a plan

Key components of such a plan include:

  • Developing an emergency plan; training employees how to carry it out;
  • Writing detailed steps of the plan and assigning responsibilities for each step to employees;
  • Creating a list of important addresses and phone numbers;
  • Developing a strategy for preventing loss of customers;
  • Protecting your employees and human resources;
  • Protecting physical resources;
  • Maintaining duplicate records;
  • Identifying critical business actions and the resources used;
  • Protecting computer systems and data with a plan on how-to recover these systems and data quickly.

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