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Everyone knows:
Computers make your life easy.
Computers make your life crazy.

The very last thing you want it to come into the office Monday morning and find your IT assets have been down for two days. You don’t want to find an eMail explaining how you can get your data back for a one-time payment of $5,000 (in Bitcoin®). You don’t want to have your office manager tell you that three more computers are down, and no one can reboot them. You don’t want to have your sales manager tell you the marketing department can’t connect to the network, nor that the printer won’t accept a new print job.

You want the easy, we do the crazy.
Easy to say, but it’s actually what we’ve done for the last three decades.


You will start with completely up-to-date equipment: if your computers are ten years old, no problem: we get you new ones and load all of your software on them so you don’t have to. If you need new servers or new routers, they’re part of your plan. There are “details”, of course, but they’re not common. Call — let’s talk.

Then we connect our network to yours, and we monitor every device — every desktop, every server, every laptop — for all those crazy things in your IT life: the failures, the slow downs, the lost data, the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death”, even weak signals and over-loads on the network. Yes, we also look for malware and ransomware.

We look for them, and we fix them. We can recover lost or stolen data from off-site back ups only minutes old: you lose little to nothing. We clean up your hard drives and open up those choke points so your whole network gets back to its normal speed and reliability. We do it so you don’t have to.

We watch your computers, printers — your whole network — remotely, so when your computers aren’t working, we’ll usually know before you do. And we fix it remotely, too. You won’t have to call, you won’t have to interrupt your workday, you won’t have to stop working and building your business.

It’s all transparent to you, but it’s only possible because we have nearly a century of experience behind us; doing this for hundreds of small-to-medium businesses very much like yours. We have the experience, and we have the technologies that can make all the difference in your business.

When things do go wrong, it takes your time and effort to get them up and running, but when we’re on the job, it takes 44% reduced effort on your part. Save money. And that frees up time to get new business.

When things need attention, we can fix them without bothering you in your office, so there is almost no disruption to your routine.

With three quarters of a century of combined experience, we know Information Technology. Call us at 916-303-4025