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Hosting your website in 2023.

In today’s digital age, where everything is becoming online, having a secure hosting provider has become more important than ever before. The internet has brought with it numerous benefits, including the ability to conduct business transactions, store sensitive...Read More »

the state of Ransomware 2021

The state of Ransomware 2021…  Without the download Ransomware is the 6 trillion dollar problem.  This year is only half over but reports expect ransomware to grow from three trillion dollars in 2015 to six trillion dollars in 2021. We’ve had the Colonial...Read More »

Ransomware 2020

More than 7 times.  That is the number that multiple anti-virus companies are reporting that year over year ransomware attacks are increasing.  from 2019 to 2020 we are seeing an increase of 715% (according to Bitdefender mid-year threat landscape report 2020)  Here...Read More »

Roseville, are we working yet?

Roseville, are we working yet?
Another month of Covid is behind us as we take in another month of being closed. I should be using this time to write more blog posts but it’s been a whirl wind. This post is going to be geared more towards our local people here in Sacramento and Placer...Read More »