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Going completely to the cloud, is it worth it?

In recent years we have seen a sharp boost in the use of cloud computing. Almost every big company like Netflix, Instagram, Xerox, Apple, etc. is using cloud computing. But still many people don’t get the main idea of cloud computing. Cloud computing allows you to...Read More »

Work From Home here to stay?

Work From Home here to stay?
Working from Home?!  GREAT!  Working from Home because you are forced to, or risk getting sick from a global pandemic?  Not so great.  Not one wanted or expected this to happen, yet – alas, here we are. The fight for the opportunity to work from home has been a...Read More »

IT Security 2020

Advanced cybersecurity innovation and updates in 2020As technology advances rapidly, IT departments and computer security are becoming more vulnerable and more susceptible to risks and threats. Attackers are innovating approaches to steal much more complex data and...Read More »