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Amidst a pandemic and law and order imbalance in the US, we need to take extra precautions when it comes to all essential matters. Security and safety should be one of our priorities when it comes to working. Especially when we work from home, it can be challenging for us to take care of our sensitive data as there is no technical facility around. Let’s see how we can keep our business safe through Corona and all the ongoing riots in the country:
Analyze your Property for any Vulnerability
As you prepare for an emergency, it is crucial to know the most vulnerable parts of an attack. Accurately evaluate your Property and all the surrounding areas around it. If you see any gap in the security system or notice any suspected activity, you must take security measures. Installing a CCTV with a cloud system, and other detectors are of significant importance. Whether you have a small or a big business setting, prevention will always be your best action regarding safety.
Artificial intelligence also is growing in this sector and facilitating increasing security around a locality. So, taking help from advanced AI devices can detect any anomaly going in an area through speed detection and precise motion sensors.
Consider all Valuables being in Safe Custody
Any equipment, cash, and merchandise you might own should be moved to somewhere considerably safe during the law disorder. Especially in the areas where businesses can be easily targeted, it is crucial to remove any post signs and assets that can go under threat. Primarily, when there is a riot having active looters, small businesses are often targeted. Also, you need to get a secure lock on your data in whichever device it is present.
Also, you should be able to lock places at your home that have sensitive data or valuable assets with no physical equipment. For instance, you can use a remote security lock system through a portable device to lock and unlock your room instead of going for a conventional lock and key system. Remote networks are hard to crack and significantly reduce the probability of having a robbery during a riot.
Take Solid Digital Security Measures
While you are handling your business through physical measures, it is essential that you take care of digital security measures. For that reason, using VPN, double password authentication, and encrypted security are significant factors involved. Looters are not the only threat to your area; hackers and people engaged in malicious digital activities also take advantage from such a situation. So, it becomes increasingly essential you take care of this part.
Final Verdict
If deescalating threats through this way is not enough, and you live in an area where the riots have sharply increased, it’s better to call authorities. It is highly essential that you do not take law and order in your hands and call for security services instead.