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The state of Ransomware 2021…  Without the download

Ransomware is the 6 trillion dollar problem.  This year is only half over but reports expect ransomware to grow from three trillion dollars in 2015 to six trillion dollars in 2021.

We’ve had the Colonial Pipeline be forced to shut down it’s entire IT infrastructure follow an attack by the cybercrime gan DarkSide.  They stole over 100Gb of data from the pipeline then demanded a $5 million ransom they ended up paying $4.4 million in bitcoin.  We’ve had major IT companies get hacked opening businesses large and small to ransomware.  We’ve had Europe get hit, Asia Computer maker Acer was hit with a 50 million dollar ransomware.  (Highest ever recorded)

We’ve had insurance companies on a global scale be hit, in THailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines.  We’ve had the Middle East, Latin and South America, Africa.  Almost every country in the world hit.  This being said it’s more important than ever to get with your IT specialists (in house or contracted out to a company like Vision Quest) to make sure you are protecting yourselves as much as possible.