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Advanced cybersecurity innovation and updates in 2020As technology advances rapidly, IT departments and computer security are becoming more vulnerable and more susceptible to risks and threats. Attackers are innovating approaches to steal much more complex data and information, going far beyond normal activities. From credentials to misconfigurations in cloud data, cybersecurity attacks are making the lives of people in the IT department difficult.

Below is a list of the latest cybersecurity updates and innovations to watch for 2020.

Improve cyber security automation:

Automation is becoming an important element of IT because it offers significant benefits to cybersecurity. According to recent research on automation tools, many people are already using them, and more will use them in the future. Automation also allows IT companies to reduce staff workload. However, automation also requires skilled staff who can properly introduce cybersecurity to help create and manage software.

Using AI to attack and defend against breaches:

Attackers can leverage artificial intelligence with cybersecurity when performing activities. With the help of AI, automated systems can detect fraud and protect potentially hacked systems. Similarly, attackers can use AI to launch phishing and other attacks that are not easily detected. Aside from attacks, AI has many positive aspects regarding breach defense. Most risk identification systems use AI to detect new threats.

Defenders can use AI more than attackers to protect systems and avoid vulnerabilities. AI can also be used as a trial-and-error method to execute predefined attacks, monitor them, and devise solutions that help organizations prepare to face any kind of attack in the future.

Creating public infrastructure:

Public works are important for creating a pioneering economy and are very vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Utilities provide important context for some institutions and individuals around the world. However, most of these still work with older software. When specialists try to fix the problem, the potential for downtime and service interference increases. Also, there is a risk that this infrastructure can be used smartly by hackers to steal valuable information.

Increasing threats to MSPs:

In 2019, MSPs faced increased attacks and their tools faced breaches used to manage customer IT systems. Even prominent IT companies faced phishing attacks, compromising employee data. The leaked data was used by hackers to launch serious attacks on innocent individuals. It was estimated that hackers gained a deeper connection to the customer network using the tool. Because MSPs are typically trusted in client networks, hackers are likely to remain active and use MSPs to hack customer data next year.

Cloud threats:

Cloud-based storage is the target of regular attacks by hackers who steal sensitive data such as bank details and personal information.

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